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Recycling Regulations
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The City of Waterville and Republic Services

The City of Waterville has a contract with Republic Services. Trash and recycling are both collected on Monday. Please have your materials at the curb by 7:00 a.m.

Republic Services Collection Calendar

Republic Services observes the following holidays: January 1, Memorial Day, July 4, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and December 25 (Christmas Day).

There will be no collection on these holidays. Collections will always be delayed one day if the actual Holiday falls on a Monday, if not the regular schedule is observed. Holiday collection schedule does not apply if the actual holiday is observed on a Saturday or Sunday.

Republic Services Collection Calendar Updated

Waste Collection Regulations

If you have any questions regarding the handling or acceptability of an item, please contact Republic Services at 1-800-234-3429 or the City Office at 419-878-8100. Please review the Republic Services Collection Guide for information regarding refuse and recycling regulations.

Please note that after December 7, 2020, all refuse and recycling should be placed in new automated collection containers provided by Republic Services. If additional refuse needs to be picked up, tags for extra refuse cans/bins are available for purchase for $6.00 per tag and bulk items tags are available for $12.00 per tag from the Waterville Municipal Office.

Also, after December 7, 2020, Bi-Annual Unlimited Collections in the City of Waterville will be split into two (2) collection areas identical to the City’s Recycling Area Map. Unlimited pick-up day collections are typically held on Saturday in the spring and fall every year. An unlimited collection in “Area A” of the City will be followed approximately one week later with unlimited collection in “Area B”. Please check the Unlimited Collection Areas Map to identify your unlimited pick up area.

Recycling Regulations

Residential curbside recycling is provided through the City’s contract with Republic Services. Beginning on December 7, 2020, recycling will now be collected bi-weekly on Monday with the City divided into two (2) collection areas which are indicated on the Recycling Collection Areas Map. Automated recycling collection will begin on Monday, December 7, 2020 for residents living in “Area A” and on the following Monday, December 14, 2020 for those residents living in “Area B”. A recycling collection calendar, color coded to your area of the City, will help you to determine your designated recycling collection day. Please review the Republic Services Collection Guide for information regarding recycling regulations.

Refuse and Recycle Forms

Please use the documents and forms below to discover more about the Refuse and Recycling Programs in Waterville, Ohio.

New Refuse and Recycling Notice
Republic Services Collection Guide
Republic Services Collection Calendar
Recycling Areas Map
Unlimited Pick Up Areas Map
Yard Waste Program and Hours

Refuse and Recycle Links

Please use the links below to discover more about Republic Services, Renewed Outdoors, LLC , and Other Lucas County refuse and recycling programs available to Waterville residents.

Republic Services Website
Lucas County District Recycling Programs
Renewed Outdoors, LLC