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Our Waterville, Ohio elected and appointed officials represent our community and strive to provide the very best for our residents. When you vote for elected officials, Waterville is located in U.S. Congressional District No. 5, Ohio Senate District No. 2, and Ohio House District No. 46.

Meeting agendas can be found in four locations, Waterville Post Office, Toledo/Lucas County Waterville Public Library, Waterville Municpal Building, and on the agendas and minutes section of our website.

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Council Meeting Schedule
Council Minutes and Agendas

Waterville Elected City Officials

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Wayne Wagner


Councilwoman Mary Duncan


Anthony Garver


Councilman Anthony Bruno


Councilman John Rozic


Councilman Todd Borowski


Waterville Appointed by Council City Officials

Municipal Administrator

Jon Gochenour

Law Director

Philip L. Dombey

Municipal Treasurer

J. Stephen Schult

Clerk of Council

Jon Gochenour